A project done by the animal welfare organisation Robin Hood and Sandor Buz - accompanied by Gyango.

Robin Hood's work

In Reghin, Transylvania, there are two shelters, the private animal shelter Fiducia and the municipal animal shelter, in both no animals are killed. There, everything possible is tried for the dogs. They are fed well and on top of that once a week fresh food is cooked for the dogs. Puppies always get freshly done food, warming straw protects the dogs in the bitter cold winter months. Adoption programs with Germany and Austria enable many dogs to get brought to their new happiness. But that is not the only goal. Another one is to bring change in thinking and acting to Romania. There are already adoptions taking place inside the country. The conviction, that also a former street dog can be a precious companion is becoming more and more popular. Why? Because the animal welfare organisation Robin Hood has been active in Romania for many years. Tireless discussions with the local municipality, the planning and construction of new enclosures, the procurement of food and straw, all of the shelter's infrastructure was made possible by committed donors. There are castration projects in Reghin and the villages close to it. A mobile ambulance is ready to use if needed. Events, school programs and media work – Robin Hood tries a lot to bring change and much has already been achieved.

A slightly different journey

Robin Hood is precisely not only taking the path of adoption abroad, but is also trying to find a solution inside the country. This is also done with a journey in the opposite direction: Namely from Austria to Romania. Carrying ideas from the west to the east to sustainably improve the strays' lives there. On Robin Hood's journey, we always meet new people who join aboard the animal welfare train, some for longer, others for shorter. They all provide us with new points of view and new ideas.

Sandor Buz also joined and presented a wonderful idea to us. He jumped off our train again to continue on foot – to Romania.

A Human Stray

Sandor slips into the role of a stray to hike more than 1300 kilometers from Austria to Reghin in Transylvania, Romania. Sandor is not going to take on this challenge on his own, he is going to be accompanied by Gyango, a real stray from Romania, who spent two years of his life in the municipal animal shelter in Reghin. Sandor decided to adopt him without further ado and practiced hiking such long distances with him. After all they are going to walk 20 to 30 kilometers per day – the more than 1300 kilometers should be hiked in about 7 weeks. What makes this even more special, is that Sandor and his four-legged companion are setting off without any money. They will eat what they find, buy food with received donations and will sleep outdoors. No comfortable bed, no protective roof above their heads, but at best a plain tent, some ruins, a hut or an old stable. Whatever they can find they will use as shelter. Why does Sandor do that to himself? He wants to set an example for the animals, the dogs, the strays, the shelter dogs. With this, in the truest sense of the word, moving project he wants to touch people's hearts and encourage them to make a small contribution to improve the lives of Romania's dogs.

The way is the goal

During his journey Sandor is going to collect donations, from people he meets but also online. Because that is his goal. Once he arrive in Reghin he is going to hand over all collected donations to the animal shelter, to the dogs. We also collect for him. Here. On walking4animals. We appreciate any help, any amount helps. Every cent counts, just like every kilometer Sandor and Gyango walk. Let's walk a new path together, set a mutual example – for the dogs. There are several different ways to donate.

Come along for a bit

Anyone who wants to come along for a part of the way is cordially invited. To experience a life on the streets, even if only for hours or days, while also helping charity as well, this is what is possible here. Who, when and where wants to join their hike, contact sandor.buz@robinhood-tierschutz.at and we will connect you to our two strays.

We combine old traditions and innovation

Going on a pilgrimage as Sandor does is a very old tradition. But combining that idea with an app to enhance the support is a completely new and innovative idea. Anyone who wants to accompany Sandor on his journey digitally can do so very easily. With a donation of..., Sandor is going to send you his experiences, his whereabouts and news about how he is doing. This gives you the possibility to come along on his journey and help the dogs. Pictures, videos and short messages take you straight to the action.

Having arrived – what comes next

Once Sandor and Gyango have reached their goal, they will for sure be tired and exhausted, but one thing is certain - they can be proud of themselves. They stood up for those, who don't have a voice. For those who often aren't seen, who are living their hard lives on the streets or a sad one inside an animal shelter. But with your help, with your donation, with your virtual companionship Robin Hood can help. We can expand on our castration programs, improve the dogs' living conditions in the shelter and widen our adoption programs.

A paw as a sign of solidarity

Sandor is not only a pilgrim, but also a glass artist. He designed a glass paw, which is available for purchase in the Robin Hood shop at: https://eshop.robinhood-tierschutz.at/. This small work of art is supposed to remind you of this wonderful project and connect you with our dogs in Romania. In addition, some of these beautiful jewelry pieces are going to be auctioned.

We want to say “Thank You”.
Thank you for being part of this “movement”. Thank you for not forgetting our dogs in Romania. Thank you for your humanity towards animals.