A new project from Robin Hood and Sandor Buz.

A special project is developing: walking4animals.online Sandor, born in Romania is going to walk over 1300 kilometers together with his companion, a dog called Gyango. From Mariazell in Lower Austria all the way to Reghin in Romania. Sandor is going to live like a stray dog, he will sleep outside and eat from received donations. The journey is the reward for Sandor. With this project he wants to gather donations for Robin Hood's animal welfare project in Reghin, Romania. There are about 300 dogs living there in both animal shelters combined, being supported by Robin Hood for years. With these donations we intend to better their lives.

We will keep you up to date so you can join Sandor for a part of his journey, be it physical or virtual. This is possible as Sandor is continuously going to post his latest positions on our app. Look forward to this wonderful project!

April 21, 2021: Finally sun

The nights in Hungary are cold and the dew in the morning is chilly. In the tent with the sleeping bag and with Gyango is cosy. Sunrise is also rising my heart beat rate :) and finally I see the sun! Still chilly but looking forward to this day. My It is bitterly cold but we are looking forward to the sunny day. Unfortunately, I was happy again a little too early, when I finished packing, I noticed the tire ... it was out of air. Well, I thought to myself ... courage, there will be someone on the way who will be happy to help me! 5km later in Mersevát an elderly man stood on the roadside and greeted me ... I showed him my tire and he invited me in to repair it :) So this problem was solved again! :) At noon I went off and took a siesta next to the river ... Today is washing day, and everything can be washed, including me and sometimes spread out in the sun to dry. :)

At the Afternoon after several km I found a nice and cozy place for my tent. Nothing was missing when cooking. There was noodles with garlic, girsch, chickweed, stinging nettle and the sunset ... you can't imagine a nicer kitchen, rounded off with a cozy tea.

April 13, 2021 NEWS

Our campaign is gaining popularity! Now an article has been published in the Austrian newspaper:

    Animal lovers can join his journey online

    Man from Pielachtal walks 1300 kilometers to Romania with his dog

    Sandor Buz and his dog will be on their journey to Romania for eight weeks. He adopted “Gyango” in the animal shelter in Reghin, Transylvania in 2020. On his way he is gathering donations for the animal welfare association “Robin Hood”.

    Sandor Buz, from Hofstetten, Pielachtal visited the animal shelter for stray dogs in Reghin in December of last year. The floor tiler took the dog “Gyango” into his heart immediately and took him back home. On his eight week tour, with stages from 20 to 30 kilometers, he wants to gather money for the strays – 5000€ is the goal he set for himself: “The animal shelter needs a quarantine facility and the enclosures need renewment.”, Sandor says, who on his journey, will live from what he is offered and will sleep outside in nature for the most part. You can join Sandor and Gyango online: www.walking4animals.online

StreunerNEWS vom 9. April 2021

Another publication. This time in the Mostviertler magazine. And even a double page. You can read more about it here:


    Walking 4 the animals. He is doing it again! But this time instead of walking the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela, his path leads him in the opposite direction. As a native Romanian he is always drawn to this beautiful country. But this time with a new challenge.

    His destination is in Transylvania, it is the city Reghin and the local dog shelter there. In March 2020 we already reported about Sándor Buz, the glassblowers, beat-boxer and environmental activist. This time, there is a call to action for his journey, or straying as he calls it. Whoever wants to can join Sandor. The first stage of his journey takes him from St. Pölten to Mariazell, from there he marches towards Hungary. Sandor speaks the language of our neighbours and is confident that he will be able to communicate with the locals there. He doesn't take any money with him, but he wants to gather donations. A small part of that he is going to spend on a plant-based diet for himself. The biggest amount is going towards strays and their care. “We humans are so focused and lead by the outside, that we often forget what is happening around us. With “walking4animals” I want to set a sign and show, that there are also creatures, who don't get as much attention as they would deserve.”, Sandor says.

    A march of over 1300 km on foot

    Since the 4th of April 2021 he has been walking like a stray from one country to the next, without any money. But he isn't alone on his journey, he also brought a lovely and loyal companion from the animal shelter in Reghin with him – the dog Gyango. The goal is, to bring all of the gathered donations to Reghin. Located there are two animal shelters, who have been supported by the animal welfare association Robin Hood for years. “My goal is to inform as many people as possible, that during this difficult time, not only humans, but also many animals are suffering. I am going to walk without any money, just a basic supply of dog food for my companion. All people can support me on my journey – be it mentally or financially. I am not going to spend any money on hotels or hostels, but only to eat and drink. My tent will be our only shelter.” The animal welfare association Robin Hood, located near St. Leonhard/ Forst, is supporting the project in Romania. On top of that there is going to be flyers. All donations gathered by Sandors voluntary commitment will benefit the dogs. There is an app, in which each and everyone is able to see Sandor's current location and is able to donate directly to the cause. There is also a website. Here for little money you can pay monthly to digitally adopt certain dogs in the shelter, who can not or only difficultly be adopted normally. You can find corresponding pictures on the website. “In addition to my pilgrimage, I am also creating and selling glass necklaces, keychains and bookmarks imprinted with a special paw print. The net avails go straight to the donation account. Sales and shipping are done via the website”, Sandor says. The march to Romania is roughly 1300 kilometers. He will be on the road for seven or eight weeks. Good luck and success to the human stray!

April 8, 2021 NEWS

Tonight I slept in the tourist information room, where it was warm and I had a restroom next doors to freshen up and wash my clothes. Today the route from Annaberg to Mariazell was planned. At first I was a little concerned about walking through the deep snow. However I didn't want to go back anymore to finish the first stage of the march from St. Pölten to Mariazell. With more than 20cm of fresh snow. It definitely wasn't easy... until I reached Fadental I sometimes had to carry my backpack on my back, because I simply sank into the deep snow too often and I was able to make slow progress. Step by step I came closer and closer, for a long time the path ahead looked so difficult and hopeless that my mind went crazy. But with a lot of strength and stamina we were able to do it. It took us longer than 9 hours, with a lot of breaks. I gave Gyango a lot of time to rest and recover his strength. Once we arrived in Mariazell my grandmother-in-law took us in warmly. We'll take a day off to regain our strength!

A strays life

Looking for food, shelter and warmth each and every day, female dogs maneuver their puppies around many dangers in order to raise them. Injured and sick dogs struggle through their hard lives, trying desperately to survive. Banished, beaten, kicked and scared away. A stray's life is not one to envy them for. However, strays are free and unattached, without chains around their neck keeping them from going where they please. No “master” commanding them and no fence restricting them. But they too have to be on the run from dog catchers constantly, who want to put them in shelters, which don't even deserve such a name as many dogs are killed there. That is still the reality in Romania.

This is Sandor's path
The first stage

You have the possibility to join his journey. OR you could also follow us online. In Sandor's shoes and on Gyango's paws. Log into the app and with a monthly donation upwards of 1€ the newest updates are going to be sent directly to your mobile phone.

The Campaign's Podcast (in German)

A podcast with Marion Löcker and Sandor Buz about the project “Walking4Animals”. Listen in and find out more about the person Sandor Buz.

Der SThe Campaign's Song

The singer and composer Chill Ill gifted a song to us and the animals. Listen in and get carried away. To download the song press the right mouse button on the audio player and download it. This song is a free gift to you.